Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Are you preparing for a baby shower? Have you already bought baby shower invitation cards, favors, and more? Well, kick-start everything by inviting your guests with cute and unique invitations that carry equally sassy and original baby shower invitation wording. Coming up with these wordings can be a daunting task since it will be read by everyone and you would want something unique and witty to somehow make a good first impression to them. So, to help you with this task, here are sassy and hip baby shower invitation wording ideas that will make your guests eager to attend and celebrate with you the coming of your baby.

Cute baby shower invitation wordings are usually hip, sassy, and fun to read. Not too long nor too short, it should be enough to encapsulate the excitement you feel and the fun that the party entails. Baby shower invitation wording is essential in giving out the important information about the party and gives the guests a peek on what to expect from it. Thus, it must really be perfect, accurate, and informative, yet, hip at the same time. So, here are some essential details that you must include in your baby shower invitations.

Go out of the box and be extraordinary by adding unique and original touches of self-made poems, verses or rhymes to your wording. This will personalize your invitations and make it more memorable. Second, do not forget a line that tells them that they are invited to the baby shower. Also, in your baby shower invitation wording, do not forget to write the name of the expectant mother and the gender of the incoming child. Moreover, do not forget to add in the date, time, and venue of the party. If it is not in your home, you can add in a location sketch for it. Furthermore, also include the name and phone number that the guests should get in touch with to R.S.V.P. To also add a bit of excitement to the guests on what to expect at the party, add in a game or activity that will be played during the event. In addition, if it is theme-based, include in your baby shower card wording the partys theme. Lastly, if you have any specific gift or wardrobe instruction, include it in the invitation, too.


If you are planning to make it a surprise, there are ideas for surprise baby shower invitation wording that are available in the Web. These are only some tips to help you prepare for the wordings in your baby showers invitation cards. So be unique, be original, and make a good impression on the party with your hip and fun baby shower invitation wording.